Provides “Complete machine protection solution”,with product range covering Bellows and Telescopic Covers.

Insight into customer’s needs and provides customer’s concern of chip filtration and purification problem.

Smart Design
  • Knowledge accumulation; right first time.
  • Shorten design L/T, quickly respond to customer enquiries.
  • Through standardization to reach smart design and optimize design.
LEAN Production
  • Right first time, never make mistakes.
  • Extremely short L/T, provide the best flexibility for our customers.
  • No inventory, deliver faster than having inventory.
  • Customized mass production
  • Reduce half space, double the capacity.
  • Reduce equipment costs, double the output value
Reliable Testing
  • Test Equipment:
  • 1. Horizontal single axis testing machine, speed up to 120m/min-2G, stroke 1000mm.
  • 2. Horizontal single axis testing machine, speed up to 200m/min-2G, stroke 5000mm.
  • 3. X/Y/Z 3-axis testing machine, speed up to 120m/min-2G, stroke 700mm.
  • 4. X/Y/Z 3-axis testing machine, speed up to 200m/min-4G, stroke 800mm.

Quality Assurance: 10% more stringent than the actual conditions used for verification

Test Conditions: Using extensive endurance tests and specific simulation methods, we test the material, flexibility, and moving speeds under the most extreme conditions. That’s how we and our users can be sure that our protective cover systems always meet our user’s needs.
Lean Business Process Improvement
  • Data is only entered once, to do it twice is abnormal, and force abnormal to surface.
  • Establish standards, follow, improve, PDCA cycle, make mistakes into valuable knowledge.
  • Use mechanism for authorization

People determine productivity.
People’s ability performance is determined by working system.

2020 CCMT (extension)
  • Date:2020/04/07~04/11
  • Location:Shanghai New International Expo Centre
  • Booth:W3-A411
2019 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (AMTS)
  • Date:2019/10/02~10/05
  • Location:Taichung International Exhibitional Center
  • Booth:C201
2019 EMO
  • Date:2019/09/16~09/21
  • Location:Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany
  • Booth:Hall 8, B21



Smart Design

Input all the experience and design regulations which require manual planning in the past into computer for automatic execution. Only key parameters and requirements need to be inputted into computer, then drawings will be automatically generated from the computer. Now, telescopic cover design only takes “45 minutes” from original “1~2 days” and achieves the core value of “Right First Time”.