Complete Machine Protection

Professional designer and manufacturer of machine tool protection solutions. Diverse range of products including Bellows and Telescopic Covers.

Each product is carefully selected and customized for your needs. We are a one-stop shop striving to provide you with a solution that can be integrated into your workplace effectively, delivered expeditiously.

Chip Filtration and Purification

Insight into our customers’ needs and budgets ensures our success in providing a solution to all your chip filtration and purification concerns.

Smart Design
  • Knowledge accumulation; Do it right the first time.

  • Shortened design lead-time, rapid response to customers’ needs.

  • Through standardization and automation, smart and optimized designs are achieved.

LEAN Production
  • Do it right the first time; zero mistakes.

  • Extremely short lead time provides the best flexibility for our customers.

  • No inventory = Faster delivery.

  • Customized mass production.

  • Reduce the inventory space by one half, double the production capacity.

  • Reduce equipment costs by one half, double the production capability.

Reliable Testing
  • Test Equipment
  • Horizontal single-axis testing machines:
  • 1. Speed up to 120m/min-2G, stroke 1000mm.
  • 2. Speed up to 200m/min-2G, stroke 5000mm.
  • X/Y/Z 3-axis testing machines:
  • 1.Speed up to 120m/min-2G, stroke 700mm
  • 2.Speed up to 200m/min-4G, stroke 800mm

Test Conditions:Verification tests parameters are 10% more stringent than actual requested conditions.

Quality Assurance: Our products undergo strict quality tests in the early stages of development so that all problems will be discovered during the manufacturing process - not when the product reaches the end-user.
Using extensive endurance tests and specific simulation methods, we test the material, flexibility, and moving speeds under the most extreme conditions.
This is why we are confident that our protective cover systems will always exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.
In the past, configuration requests had to be manually planned, designed, and executed - a tedious and time consuming ordeal.
Lean Business Process Improvement
  • Data is entered only once at the front end. Data is never entered in the back end after the first interaction. To repeat the same task twice is an anomaly and an error. Errors must be immediately identified and immediately resolved. 

  • Establish production standards, follow SOPs, improve the standards if errors arise, turn mistakes into valuable knowledge for further improvement, PDCA cycle. 

  • Whenever possible, utilize rules and mechanisms to replace human review and authorization.

Productivity is determined by the employee.
Employee performance is determined by a company’s work system.

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Smart Design

We have streamlined this process using our Smart Design system. All that is required is for the customer to input key parameters and configurations into our software, the computer will then automatically generate the custom-made 3D, 2D, exploded, and BOM drawings for your machinery.
With this system, our telescopic cover design takes only 45 minutes to fully customize. Compared to the standard 1-2 days of labor intensive customization, our method achieves the core value of “Right the First Time”.