Applicable for dust prevention among all dimensions above of five-axis machine, vertical machine and machine crafting table.

  • Use of support plate and cloth complied with RoHS specification.
  • Use design of high-frequency welding with restriction, and only strong engineering cloth will be chosen to use and be verified by test for over a million times repeatedly.
  • Based on diversity of process environments, the fittest cloth material used in protection will be provided.
  • Cover can meet synchronized mechanism and make performance more stable.
  • Maximum speed is up to 60m/min.
Cover Model
Mountain-Type with Inner Plateau

Use two inner bevels to guide liquid or water.

Mountain-Type with Inner Plateau(heightened)

Alternative option for the machine whose distance between cover rail and lock-hole is longer.


Alternative option for the machine whose inner space is not applicable for mountain-type with inner plateau.

Synchronized Mechanism Specification
Linkage Steel Sheet
  • Applicable Speed : maximum limit of 60m/min.
  • Ideal for the cover with lower minimum speed limit but further movement range.
  • Applicable Speed : maximum limit of 48m/min.


Safeguarding Armor
Purifying Forest