Folded Type

For the conveying operation of long, coiled, and agglomerated chips with a chip length of 75mm or greater.

Machine footprint will be reduced by 1/3 after folding. Transportation costs can be significantly reduced.

Suitable chips

For long, coiled chips over 75mm.

  • The folding process does not require specialist disassembly of the motor or conveyor chain plate belt.
    The system can be operated by an ordinary technician.

  • After folding, the footprint of the system is reduced by 1/3. Transportation cost is reduced by about 15% from the original 35%.

  • The conveyor chain is precisely matched, operation is stable and quiet; streamlined aesthetic appearance, smooth chip removal.

  • Equipped with a torque limiter to prevent damage caused by improper operation.

  • CE certification guarantees safe operation.



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