intelligent chip conveyor

Intelligent Chip Conveyor

Intelligent Chip Conveyor

Nowadays, factories worldwide are talking about smart and unmanned, and chip conveyors also need smart and the capability to self-troubleshoot to meet the needs of unmanned smart factories.

In order to avoid shutdown altogether, we have the several following functions:

1. Smart Error Detection
2. Self-resolution Restoration
3. Avoid Manual Operator Shutdown
4. Safety Protection
5. Preventive Maintenance


The unmanned smart factory requires smart detection and self-resolution restoration.

  • Smart Error Detection:
    -Detection of cutting fluid level, filter blockage and thin chips deposition, so that cutting fluid does not overflow.
    -PH value detection to maintain the performance of cutting fluid lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and cleaning.
    -Loose screws, loose chains, and power supply phase failure detection to prevent sudden shutdowns.

  • Self-resolution Restoration:
    -Self-elimination of stuck chips, dynamic water replenishment of the water tank for the lights-off factory to operate smoothly.

  • Avoid Manual Operator Shutdown:
    -Slow down with fewer chips, accelerate with more chips, stop with no chips, and avoid disputes with the USER warranty.
    -The machining motor stops operation with no chips, minimizing the energy.

  • Safety Protection:
    -Chip Conveyer position monitoring, in compliance with ISO16090-1 directive, to ensure operator safety.

  • Preventive Maintenance:
    -Bearing lubrication and active warning of chain metal tension adjustment ensures smooth long-term operation.

  • Cloud and Local Records:
    -Can be used both with Cloud and Local, the information is never missed, and accurate statistical analysis data.

  • Power On/Off Self Check:
    -Self-check when power on to ensure safe starting; list when power off, with real-time daily report.



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