chip conveyor filter drum

Filter drum

CNC chip conveyors

, coolant tanks and filtration designed for your CNC machine tool.
Suitable for all types of CNC machine tools and industrial machinery with high filtration requirements. A built-in active filter drum is used within the body of the Scraping Type Conveyor system. The active filter drum separates the chips from the cutting fluid. If the filter drum is blocked by the chips, the backwash nozzle in the drum will effectively remove the blockage.

Suitable Chips

For short, fine, powder, or sheet metal chips smaller than 75mm.





  • This system is the solution to the limitations of standard chip conveyors: chip blockage in the water tank filtration system, and chip cutting fluid overflow in the conveyor or water tank.

  • Replaces the overflow filtration system. Prevents short, fine, powder, sheet chips from entering and accumulating in the water tank, which requires operators to clean the water tank frequently.

  • Eliminates the problem encountered by traditional filter systems: frequent filter screen blockage which must be cleaned manually, otherwise filter system is prone to failure.

  • Extends the service life of precision filter systems (ex. Filter tanks, bag filters, paper bag filters, etc.) Reduces the waste of consumables, saves energy, and protects the environment.

  • The position of the filter drum can be adjusted according to the design of the machine tool.

  • The number of filter drums can be adjusted depending on filtration demand.

  • ψ300*W500, and ψ300*W400. ψ300*W300 can also be selected.
  • 0.03-0.07m³/hr
  • Less than 15m
  • 45°, 70°
  • 150μm-500μm


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