chip conveyor integrated 1

Integrated Type

High-end chip removal filter system for all types of chips. System can eliminate long, coiled, short, fine, and powder metal chips. Filtration and chip conveyor work simultaneously, with a filtering fineness of 250μ-90% up to 150μ-90%.

For machines with a main shaft and water outlet, five-axis machines, and turning-milling machines.

If there are clumps of chips caused by entangled coiled chips, a Shredder can be installed to facilitate filtering efforts.

Suitable Chips

For all types of chips (short, fine, sheet, and powder metal chips), with the exception of large round chips.





  • This system is the solution to the limitations of standard chip conveyors: chip blockage in the water tank filtration system, and chip cutting fluid overflow in the conveyor or water tank.

  • Replaces the overflow filtration system. Prevents short, fine, powder, sheet chips from entering and accumulating in the water tank, which requires operators to clean the water tank frequently.

  • Eliminates the problem encountered by traditional filter systems: frequent filter screen blockage which must be cleaned manually, otherwise filter system is prone to failure.

  • Extends the service life of precision filter systems (ex. Filter tanks, bag filters, paper bag filters, etc.) Reduces the waste of consumables, saves energy, and protects the environment.

  • All types of chips can be used with an Integrated Chip Conveyor (with the exception of large round chips).

  • Outside of the Drum → Inside of the Drum
  • Inside the Chip Conveyor
  • ψ300*W500
  • 250μ-90%;volume 127 L/min
  • 150μ-90%;volume 75 L/min


Safeguarding Armor
Purifying Forest