Products are tested in the early stage of development in a lab with proprietary Keyarrow testing equipment. Our in-house testing equipment is capable of 200m/min-4G, with criteria more demanding than that of typical end-use environments. This ensures customers will receive products of the highest quality.

Scientific data is used to investigate real-time causes to resolve problems encountered by our customers. Quality guarantee and timely product support is what we strive to provide to all our customers.

  • 1. Scenario Simulation

    To ensure product quality and to satisfy customer demands, Keyarrow develops equipment used in the same environment that our customers operate in. In these trials, we test the product sturdiness, flexibility, resistance to breakage, structural stability, and service life. In doing so, we are preemptively preparing our products to be readily integrated with your machinery.

  • 2. Industrial Collaboration

    Keyarrow works closely with manufacturers, peers, academia, and R&D centers to identify new test methods that better meet customers’ standards.

  • 3. Durability Test

    High-performance test equipment and high-precision measuring instruments are used in repeated motion scenario simulations. Test data from simulations are recorded and analytic reports are produced, setting the basis for continued improvement and perfecting product quality.

  • 4. Quality Assurance

    In the preliminary stages of product development, products are put through validation tests with criteria that are 10% more demanding than the real-world environment. This ensures our products will meet the needs of our customers, no matter what variables spontaneously arise during end user operation. This creates the reputation of high quality manufacturing, shared by ourselves and our customers.

  • 5. Employment of Experience

    We combine experience with expertise to produce high quality products, provide solutions for current and potential problems, and to satisfy the long-term demands of our customers.

  • 6. Testing Equipment

    Horizontal single-axis tester:

    • Speed up to 120m/min-2G, stroke 1000mm.
    • Speed up to 200m/min-2G, stroke 5000mm.

    X/Y/Z Tri-axial testing machines:

    • Speed up to 120m/min-2G, stroke 700mm.
    • Speed up to 200m/min-4G, stroke 800mm.