Smart Design

  • is achieved through standardization, modularization, and automated processes.

  • More than simply designing the product. Smart design is the design of the product while taking into consideration the total manufacturing process and the downstream impacts of the design.

  • When executed with factory integration in mind, achieves both design and manufacturing objectives simultaneously.

  • Our internet design interface allows client-controlled customization - no matter where you are located. 

  • Combined with direct customer input, allows for fully customized solutions manufactured exactly when you need them.

Traditional Method:

When a customer needed to service their telescopic cover, the traditional sequence of events would resemble something similar to this:

  • Customer identifies problem and contacts company for servicing
  • Engineers/technicians travel to the factory to observe, measure, and record data on the equipment
  • Engineers/technicians return to their office to design and plot data
  • Engineers/technicians constantly refer to design specification reference guide in order to prepare design

This entire ordeal would require over 8 hours of labor and time spent, with no guarantee that the final design will be suitable for the customer. Not to mention further delays should there be language or time-zone disparities.

Previous method of design: L/T= 8 hours

1Measure and draw equipment

2 Constantly refer to design specifications

3 Manual output of 3D drawings


In 2017, Keyarrow Taiwan introduced Smart Design - the standardization, modularization, and automation of design processes. By combining design knowledge and manufacturing techniques, our products are fully customizable and immediately available to our customers.
When customers input requested specifications, the Smart Design algorithms automatically generate 2D, 3D, BOM, exploded, and developed drawings.


With an 8 minute computation time and 48 minute parameter input/organization/correction time, the design lead time is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods of design. This time savings allows us to rapidly respond to customer requirements. In the case of unique specifications, the algorithm automatically stops. This ensures that only the right design is made and knowledge of this specification is accumulated.
At Keyarrow, we strive for things to be done only once, correctly, and efficiently - without any barriers of communication.

Smart design: L/T=48 minutes
20 mins

1 Required parameters inputted over the internet by customer

8 mins

2 Computerized automatic design (algorithms + correction)

20 mins

3 Automatic generation of drawings (2D, 3D, BOM, exploded, developed)