chip conveyor shredder


Specifically used for the processing of long, coiled, and clumped chips in the cutting process of machine tools or industrial machinery.

Reduces chip volume, reduces storage space, and reduces frequency of cleaning and transportation.

Effectively solves the problem of long, rolled, and round chips stuck in the machine tool or chip remover, which typically causes the machine tool to fail.

Suitable Chips

Long and curly chips over 100*100*100mm. 
Applicable Material: Iron and aluminum shavings
Maximum Thickness: Aluminum 2mm, Iron 1mm.

  • During the conveying process, long and curly chips are broken down into smaller chips

  • Function as both conveying and shredding to ensure the chip conveyor is no longer susceptible to blockages.

  • Eliminates the need for manual handling of chips, providing value to the operation in improving work efficiency.

  • Suitable for highly ductile materials (ex. Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc.), prone to producing long, coiled, and bulky chips.

  • Reduction Ratio: 6:1

  • Processing Capacity: 1260L/H, 30Kg/H (reference: standard iron scrap car is approximately 70L)

  • Chip Length After Processing: Less than 50mm.

  • 737*272.5*616
  • 3HP
  • 3-Phase 220/380‧4P


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