precision hinge filtration chip conveyor feature

Precision Hinge Filtration

Precision Hinge Filtration Chip Conveyor:
In traditional chip conveyors, failure to discharge fine chips often results in the buildup of fine chips in the auxiliary tank, resulting in cutting fluid spilling out of the tank and causing the machine to shut down for cleaning.
Although it can be upgraded to a filter frame or drum chip conveyer, the auxiliary tank of a part of the machine tool still overflows due to an inadequate filter volume in the filter frame and drum. On top of that, if blocks are generated during machine tool processing, chip conveyor damage will occur.
The auxiliary tank of the precision chain filter chip conveyor has less chip buildup and a filtering capacity exceeding 300L/min. It can also process block materials. In addition to featuring high-efficiency filtering, it also has extensive cutting chip removal capacity, making it suitable for all types of processing centers and standard lathe use.


Chips measuring less than 300mm, such as chips in curling form, short curls, fragmented and short, fine and short, etc. Block materials less than 75x75x19mm.


Side pump


Front pump

  • Solving auxiliary tank overflow:With the chip discharge rate of 99.18% and the least chip buildup.

  • Eliminating main tank cleaning:The one-forming main tank and chip conveyor design.

  • Maximum cutting fluid supply:The cutting fluid filter flow of 300L/min.

  • Block chips can also be removed:The chip filter model with wide applicability.

  • 500μm
  • 300L/min
  • C2052(P31.75mm)
  • 350mm(200mm-500mm one dimension per 50mm)
  • 0.45M³/H(0.26M³-0.60M³/H)
  • 9Kg/H(6Kg-12Kg/H)【using iron filings as an example.】
  • 10M
  • 60°( 60° or 45° )
  • 1/4HP(0.2Kw)【1/4HP-1HP】
  • CM15-2(340L/min)
  • EPS-120
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