Integrity, Innovation, and Teamwork are our managing philosophy; Concise, Quick and Exact as proceeding principle. We provide 5-in-1 product integration service, and In House factory --- a zero-distance service all over Taiwan& China. From Taiwan to Asia, and to the world, Keyarrow strives in manufacturing key components for machine tools, determined to be the “Arrow of Key value” for machine tools development. The most reliable and dependable loyal partner.

Smart Design

After launching smart design in 2017, through the standardization and automation, to achieve intelligent, combined with design knowledge and manufacturing technology, after customer input the necessary parameters and requirements, the computer automatically generates 3D, 2D, explosion, and expansion drawings and BOM, all the processes take only 10 minutes, which greatly shortens the design L/T and responds quickly to customer needs. When encounters a specification that has not been done, it will stop automatically and only does the right design. It will accumulate knowledge, do it right once, and never be wrong.

Lean Production

KEYARROW’s LEAN Management

  • From 2007 to 2018, processing distance was reduced from 120 meters to 27 meters; feeding raw material to the finished product from 6.6 days to 30 minutes. The factory is not using computer to manage, only stay 1~3 handheld between last work station to the next. Using lights as signal when handheld empty, creates rhythmic production lines.
  • Achieved "zero inventory", no inventory, deliver faster than having inventory. The average inventory percentage is about 20% of revenue in machine tools industry, but it only takes up 0.6% of KEYARROW’s revenue.
  • Inventory includes Raw Material, semi-finished products, work in progress and finished products.
  • Manufacturing 100 products of the same specification and manufacturing 100 completely different products, the time required is exactly the same, breaking boundaries between "custom" and "production".
  • Daily production scheduled with "bus route delivery", deliver to nine major routes every day, with necessary products, to the necessary location.
Reliable Testing

To ensure product quality and to meet any needs from our customers, we have developed our own equipment to simulate our user’s environment and conditions. We test the material, flexibility, stability and moving speeds under the most extreme conditions, applying extensive endurance tests and specific simulation methods. KEYARROW also closely cooperates with other manufactures and RD labs in finding new test methods matching user standards. We also sufficiently integrate our professionalism and experiences, to enable us to manufacture the higher-quality products to offer solutions for current or potential problems of our customers, and meet their requirements in the long-term.

Lean Business Process Improvement

Data is only entered once, to do it twice is abnormal, and force abnormal to surface. Establish standards, follow, improve, PDCA cycle, make mistakes into valuable knowledge. Use mechanism for authorization People determine productivity, and people’s ability performance is determined by working system.