“Integrity, Innovation, and Teamwork” is our business philosophy. “Concise, Efficient, and Exact”are our operating principles. We provide a 5-in-1 product integration service and an In-House “factory within a factory” — a zero-distance service model with multiple manufacturing bases all over Taiwan and China. From Taiwan to Asia to the entire world, Keyarrow is committed to manufacturing key components for machine tools. In alignment with our customers’ needs and budget, we strive to provide solutions for all aspects of machine tool protection.

Determined to become the world leader in, “Key Components” of the machine tool industry, Keyarrow is, and shall be, your most reliable and most dependable business partner.

Smart Design

In 2017, Keyarrow introduced Smart Design. Through standardization and optimization, we were able to achieve Smart Design by combining design knowledge with manufacturing excellence.
After the customer inputs their requested conditions and parameters, our system automatically calculates and produces 3D, 2D, explosion, and BOM drawings. All of which takes less than 10 minutes to produce. This greatly shortens the design lead time allowing us to rapidly respond to customer needs.
If an inputted specification has never been done before, the system will automatically stop. This ensures that only the right design will be generated and prevents further downstream errors. Knowledge is accumulated for future reference. Do it right the first time. Zero mistakes. This is our motto.

Lean Production

KEYARROW’s LEAN Management

  • Between 2007 to 2018, processing distance was reduced from 120 meters to 27 meters, processing time between raw material to finished product reduced from 6.6 days down to 30 minutes. Only 1-3 work-in-process items are queued between one workstation and the next. Using automatic lights as a signal when work “bin' is empty (Kanban signal), a rhythmic production line is maintained.
  • Our goal is to achieve “zero finished product inventory” and for our “no inventory” delivery speeds to be faster than “in stock” delivery speeds. The average inventory of a typical machine tool company accounts for approximately 20% of revenue. At Keyarrow, our inventory accounts for only 0.6% of our revenue. (Note: Inventory includes raw materials, semi-finished products, work-in-process, and finished goods inventory).
  • At Keyarrow, manufacturing 100 products of the same specification and manufacturing 100 products of completely different specifications requires exactly the same amount of time. The barrier between “customization” and “mass production” has been eliminated due to our Lean Production efforts.
  • Real-time production with “bus-style” delivery methods. Nine major delivery routes depart every day delivering the requested quantity, to the requested location, at the requested time.
Reliable Testing
  • To ensure product quality and to ensure our products meet the expectations of our customers, Keyarrow developed our own testing equipment to simulate the customers’ experience. This process tests the products’ material robustness, flexibility, fracture resistance, structural stability, endurance, moving speeds under extreme conditions, and service life.
  • Keyarrow also works closely with other manufacturers and R&D centers to pursue new test methods that are even more in line with our customers’ standards.
  • We integrate our professional knowledge and experience to provide our customers with high-quality solutions to their current and potential problems.
  • This is how Keyarrow meets and exceeds the long-term needs of our customers.
Lean Business Process Improvement
  • Never repeat the same mistake twice. Errors are anomalies, which in turn, are process inefficiencies.
  • Establish production standards, follow SOPs, turn mistakes into valuable knowledge, improve standards. PDCA cycle.
  • Whenever possible, utilize rules and mechanisms to replace human review and authorization.