bellows with lamella wall 1

Bellows with Lamella

Moving Column Type

For vertical moving column processing machines. Provides chip protection for both sides of the main spindle.

  • Use of environmentally compliant support boards and materials (RoHS), and REACH compliant textiles.
  • Use of flexible stainless steel plates featuring low resistance/friction and high temperature resistance.
  • Patented embedded scale clip design allows for tool-free replacement of individual plates.
  • Use of high-frequency welding method and strong engineering textile fabric, tested for over one million cycles.
  • Protective cover can be matched with synchronized mechanisms, improving operational stability.
  • Maximum speed: 60m/min.
Cover Model

For moving column processing machines supported by bottom rail system.


For moving column processing machines with rail supports on the top and bottom of the system.


For moving column processing machines with a vertical rail support system.

Synchronized Mechanism Specification
  • Maximum speed: 200m/min.
  • Maximum speed: 48m/min.
  • Maximum speed: 60m/min.
  • Ideal for covers requiring lower speed but larger range of motion.


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