Vertical Machine

  • Use of fashion aesthetics to increase extra value.
  • Combine with customer`s CIS program to present indigenous corporate image.
  • Comply with ergonomic design and provide absolute safety and protection.
  • Use labyrinth design for both water and dust prevention.
  • Consistent painting process makes us to deliver our qualified products to the location where customer has specified.

machine external cover sheet and electronic precision device cover sheet.


Modularized Design , Shorter Time.

  • External Cover Sheet Set
  • Power Control Box Frame(optional)
  • Power Control Box Set
  • Main Spindle Cover Sheet Set
  • Tool Magazine Cover Sheet Set
  • Control Panel Cover Sheet Set
  • Fashionable Back-side Cover Sheet Set
External Cover Sheet Module Introduction
A.One-piece Design Cover

Note : width of front end which is beneath 2200 can Be pulled into cabinet.

B.One-piece Design Cover(cover for left/right side window)
C.Left-side/Right-side Cover(two-piece design)
D.. Left-side/Right-side Cover(four-piece design of front end and back end)

Note : only applicable for machine model of above 1200 series

E.Left-side/Right-side Cover(cover for left/right side window)
F.Left-side/Right-side Cover(four-piece design of upper section and lower section)
  Fast assembly Good water prevention Convenient transport Be pulled info cabinet Convenient Disassembly and assembly cover for left/right side window
a.One-piece Design Cover      
b.One-piece Design Cover
(cover for left/right side window)
c.Left-side/Right-side Cover
(tow-piece design)
b.One-piece Design Cover
(cover for left/right side window)
e.Left-side/Right-side Cover
(cover for left/right side window)
f.Left-side/Right-side Cover
(four-piece design of upper section and lowe section)
  • Vertical Machine


  • Five-spindle Vertical Machine


  • Planning Machine


  • Horizontal Machining Center


  • Horizontal Lathe


  • Vertical Lathe


  • Horizontal Boring Machine


  • Turning and Milling Center




Safeguarding Armor
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