Minimal Lead Time:
  • Production line reduced from 120 meters to 17 meters.
  • Total production time of 30 minutes from raw material to finished products.
  • Takt Time of 7.5-17 minutes.

Takt Time

Only 1 to 3 work-in-process items are queued between one workstation and the next, meaning an Average Takt Time of 7.5min/set.



  • Human-machine separation.
  • Automatic stop on error.

Method innovation

  • Elimination of welding method.
  • Improvement on workpiece, such that it is not only an assembly part, but also a status check.

Autonomous maintenance by everyone

  • Equipment is maintained in its best condition by systematic cleaning, lubrication, and inspection at the end of every shift.
  • Zero defects.
Bus-type transport system:
  • Nine major routes depart every day: delivering required quantities to the required place at the required time.
  • Zero transport waste.