telescopic covers large size 1

Telescopic Covers

Large Size

Suitable protection for large, horizontal, double-column machining centers.

  • Reduced welding technique minimizes thermal deformation caused by welding.
  • Folding method used to enhance rigidity of the shield.
Cover Model
3 Point Mountain Type

The three folds in the center of the surface enhances the rigidity of the shield. Chips are discharged to both sides of the shield - the larger the sloped angle, the better the chip removal.


When the protection range exceeds 3 meters, multiple folding points will be added. This increases the rigidity of the shield.

Φ20Copper wheel
  • Suitable for hard rails and linear guides, with side restraining wheels
  • A single roller can withstand about 70KG loading.
Φ24Side limit copper wheel
  • Suitable for castings with side restrictions.
  • A single roller can withstand about 70KG loading.
  • If a small amount of liquid enters the cover, the aqueduct design can drain the water from both sides.


Safeguarding Armor
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