Large Size

Apply for double column machining centers.

  • Reduce deformation caused by welding.
  • Rigidity enhanced by bending methods.
Cover Model
3 Vertices Mountain Type

Using three bendings on the body to enhance rigidity, Chips can be discharged to both sides, the larger the slanting angle, the better the chips fall.


When protection range is more than 3 meters,
multiple folds will be added to increase rigidty.。

Φ20Copper wheel
  • Suitable for hard rails and linear guides, with side restraining wheels
  • A single roller can withstand about 70KG loading.
Φ24 Side limit copper wheel
  • Suitable for castings with side restrictions.
  • A single roller can withstand about 70KG loading.
  • Aqueduct can prevent fluid from entering .


Safeguarding Armor
Purifying Forest