• Supporting the CoVID-19 effort, Keyarrow joined the national mask production team and cooperated with industry leaders to complete 60 mask production lines within 25 days.
  • Developed a see-through green sorting bin, making recycling and sorting visible


  • October 2019 was Keyarrow’s 36th anniversary, marking a new era with our advancement into digitized manufacturing
  • Established Keyarrow’s office in Japan, targeting the Japanese machine tool market


  • Implemented the “Smart Design” online platform, allowing for cross-border and unmanned designing
  • Launched a new aesthetic chip conveyor production line; reduced L/T between raw material feed to shipment from 5 days down to only 8 hours


  • The Folding Chain-Plate Chip Conveyor makes a breakthrough in transport cost and export time
  • Keyarrow received the “Excellence Award” in the “Innovative Product R&D Contest” from the Taiwan Machine Tool Foundation


  • Keyarrow received the 2015 “TPM Excellence Award” from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
  • Launched a new retractable guard production line; reducing L/T from 1.4 days down to 30 minutes


  • Received the 2013 “TPM Excellence Award-A Class” from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance


  • “Safeguarding Armor” was put to mass production; received a “Good Award” in the “Innovative Product R&D Contest” from the Taiwan Machine Tool Foundation
  • Received guidance from Kuozui Motors Ltd, a subsidiary of Toyota, to continue advancement of the Toyota Production Method (TPM)


  • Keyarrow Taiwan’s 25th anniversary
  • Inaugurated the headquarters of the corporation in Taiwan


  • Raw materials, semi-finished products, work-in-progress, and finished products accounted for under 1% of annual revenue


  • Authorized patents, techniques, and production modes to Nabell Co. of Japan


  • The “One-Piece Style” was realized on the production line of telescopic covers, sparking the “One-Piece Production” revolution


  • Accumulated 127 patents across 18 countries, including patents on telescopic covers and chip conveyors


  • Released a new product, Chip Conveyor, receiving instant market commendation


  • Keyarrow Taiwan’s 12th anniversary and first anniversary celebration
  • Inaugurated the Taichung Industrial Park Premises
  • Received the 1st Gold Award of Good Trademark of Taiwan in the machinery category


  • Established the Keyarrow brand, devoting ourselves to being the “arrow of key and key components”


  • Formerly known as, Hung Chuen Sheet Metal Industry; partnered with the German company, Hennig GmbH in technical collaboration


  • Owned 80% of the Taiwan market share for telescopic covers


  • The company pivoted into manufacturing with CMC machine tools; Keyarrow Taiwan succeeded in developing telescopic covers


  • In a rented shed measuring 640 sq. ft., the company started off producing precision sheet metal