Itergrated Type

Dual purpose conveying, heavy chip removal of all sizes with filtration.Filtering fineness: 250μ-90% up to 150μ-90%.Applicable for 5- axis machining centers, turning-milling machining centers with spindle center water discharge. Shredder is optional for entangled chips.

Suitable chips

Suitable for short, fine, powder metal chips.

  • Solution of standard chip conveyors limitation, which is cutting fluid overflow and cause chips to block tank filter system.
  • Replace overflow filtration system. Prevent short, fine, powder, other chips and cutting fluid from entering and accumulating in the water tank and needed to be frequently cleaned.
  • Solution for traditional filtration system limitation, such as filter screen is easy to block, and must be cleaned manually, otherwise the filtration system will be easy to fail.
  • Extend the service life of precision filtration systems such as filter cans, bag filters, and paper bag filters.Reduce waste of supplies, save energy and protect the environment.
  • Apply for all kinds of chips, except large round chips.
  • outside of the drum → inside
  • inside the chip conveyor
  • ψ300*W500
  • 250μ-90%;volume 127 L/min
  • 150μ-90%;volume 75 L/min
How it works


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