New Drum Type

High-precision chip removal system for all types of chips, such as long, curly, short, fine, and powder metal chips. It is also the only model which can remove plastic steel chips and filter the cutting fluid.Filtering accuracy is 75μ-90% up to 20μ-90%.Apply for machining centers with the spindle center water discharge, 5-axis machining centers, and turning and milling machining centers. If there are any entangled swarf, chip conveyor with shredder can be added.

Suitable chips

Suitable for long, rolled, short, fine, powder metal chips and plastic steel chips.

  • The highest filtration accuracy model in drum-type chip conveyor series.
  • Solution of standard chip conveyors limitation, which is cutting fluid overflow and cause chips to block tank filter system.
  • Replace overflow filtration system. Prevent short, fine, powder, other chips and cutting fluid from entering and accumulating in the water tank and needed to be frequently cleaned.
  • Solution of traditional filtration system limitation, such as filter screen is easy to block, and must be cleaned manually, otherwise the filtration system will be easy to fail.
  • Extend the service life of precision filtration systems such as filter cans, bag filters, and paper bag filters.Reduce waste of supplies, save energy and protect the environment.
  • If you use a 20μ-90% filter drum, you don't even need a precision filtration system.
  • Apply for all kinds of chips, except large round chips.
  • The structure of this machine is designed and patented.
    • A. For long, curly, short, fine, and powder chips, selects hinge belt. Conveying system adopts F2052 (31.75mm) R roller specifications.
    • B. For short, curly, and powder chips, selects upper layer scraper and the delivery system RF2060 (38.1mm) S roller.
  • The standard filter drum is ψ700*340W(footprint of the drum base is 800*400),and ψ700*540W(footprint of the drum seat is 800*600)、ψ700*1040W(footprint of the drum seat is 800*1100) can be selected too.
  • 0.03~0.07m3/hr
  • within 15m
  • 45°、60°、70°
  • 75μ-90%; filtration amount 183 L/min。
  • 20μ-90%;filtration amount 27 L/min。
How it works


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